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Opioid Abuse

As the Opioid epidemic continues to devastate many parts of the country identifying fraudulent activity has become critical in stopping this crisis.  View and learn how the federal government is leveraging data analytics to identify Opioid fraud in medicine spending.  Hear how a team of 1600 investigators in the federal government can now track down fraud, waste and abuse related to opioid fraud, by employing investigators to explore their data and really drive into it in real time.  Data Analytics have become enabled to connect and map fraud among Doctors, Patients and Pharmacies.

Awareness of better data driven decisions minimizes Fraud, Waste and Abuse for federal government, particularly around medicare and medicaid claims. Big Data vs. Small Data to get the answers to right questions to tackle FWA or any other questions.  Big companies are spending Trillions to increase the spread cost and right questions 2021&2 is a different world in solving data issues..