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Diagnostics have changed significant over the years, initially, diagnostics were 100% reliant on the five senses of the physician to determine if an illness was present.  Over time, basic tools were introduced to help physicians distinguish the type of disease present in the patient. Today, diagnostics can both determine the therapy and monitor its effectiveness.  

Tomorrows environment will be different, Diagnostics are becoming a standard of care, not just simple tools.  Increasingly, diagnostics will comprise a continual monitoring program that is part of an integrated system for the patient. Technology continues to play a critical role in advancing this future.

Overall, there is a real need to change the way laboratories think about their business.  Labs are not just providing test results anymore.  They're providing actionable data.  This means that Labs need to align with good data analytics to enable decisions support at two different stages, and second, when the results are delivered.  Just as important is the technology infrastructure, in which this data is accumulated and, analyzed, as well as scalability and operational efficiency.  Labs need to automate and improve processes to continue to thrive.  

One of Our Missions

New Literacy in GENETICS 2021.   You see an abundance of Labs and Doctors to date, the quality of the work varies and that quality of work can impact patient reports and it could impact patient care. To think that every laboratory and Doctor has the same quality of services is a fallacy. The critical insight and knowledge gained by providing prescription medication monitoring, Genetic Testing will allow physicians to more adequately assess a patient's progress and maintenance of chronic and all medical conditions. PoC Health & Diagnostics takes pride in the consistent due diligence of quality along with researching and working with the most cutting edge technology, cost effective, ethical professionals in America for the accuracy, safety and wellness of the patient. 

 We are Industry Advocates!

As Hospitals and Laboratories throughout the nation  continue to look for ways in which to capitalize upon their laboratory investments by lowering cost per test, PoCD can be of enormous benefit.  One of the avenues by which to meet this goal is the expansion of Laboratory  Outreach Programs.  Through Lab Outreach programs strategic planning and execution of plans and outreach management solutions.  Remember , Quest Diagnostic Laboratories are an Trillion dollar company.  Take a look at our Revenue Cycle Management programs for laboratories. 

REMEMBER Genes/DNA testing and screening can tell you if you should start cancer screening years earlier.

Or if you should talk to your doctor about more than lifestyle changes for preventing heart conditions.

When it comes to medication, one size doesn’t fit all.

Your response to certain medications, such as side effects and effectiveness, can be impacted by your genes. Call 313-445-2445 for more information

PoCD Lab Advantages:

  • Easy to read two page diagnostic reports.
  • Easy access to test results via web, email EMR interface or HIPPA portal.
  • Results are reported within 24 to 72 hours upon receipt.
  • Request sheets,Easy Bio Hazard Bags and UPS shipping at no cost to you.
  • Urine, Blood and Oral testing on over 50 compounds at lowest levels.
  • Free local service and support representatives.
  • Community, Nationwide and International Healthcare Collaborations.
  • The NEW Platform Portal System, available Jan. 1, 2022.  See A Communications Technology Consultant.